Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney and Probate Lawyer

Planning out the distribution of your assets after you pass away is never an easy task. We don’t want to think about dying, especially as we grow older. However, despite the obvious discomfort that accompanies this topic, it is a necessary one for us to consider. With proper estate planning  now, you can ease the burden on your loved ones after you pass away and ensure that the correct people receive your assets.

The Oceanside estate planning lawyers of Fischer & Van Thiel have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you write a comprehensive will. Contact us at 760-904-3094 to learn more about what we can do for you.

Wills and Trusts

When you plan out your estate, there are two common avenues you can use to distribute your assets to the people of your choice: wills and trusts. These two documents formally lay out how you want your assets distributed after your death, and they will be doled out accordingly. Unlike wills, trusts allow their beneficiaries opportunities to avoid tax liability. However, trusts are typically also more complicated than wills.

While filling out simple online or store-bought forms may seem like the easiest way to plan your estate, it can actually cause a number of complications in the future, especially if you have any unique desires. An experienced Oceanside estate planning lawyer from Fischer & Van Thiel can help you write the all-inclusive will you and your family need. Call our offices today at 760-904-3094.

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