Is there a way to find a good domestic violence attorney in California?

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Is it easy to find a lawyer specializing in domestic violence? I need to get a lawyer who specializes in domestic violence. I need to make sure everything is taken care of since this is my first offense.


If you are being charged with a crime that relates to domestic violence, you would generally want to contact a criminal defense attorney.  If you are dealing with a restraining order that has been issued against you, a family law attorney would be able to provide assistance.  In finding a competent attorney to represent you in such matter, it is advisable to do research just as when finding someone for any type of service.  Most counties have a Lawyer Referral Service (LRS), which is sponsored by the local bar association.  When you call the LRS, an attorney will be referred to you.  Generally, contacting an attorney through the LRS will entitle you to a consultation of a certain length for free.

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