Can my child be left in the child custody of an unfit grandmother?

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My son was in his grandmother’s custody when he was about a year old. His mother had left town for nine months and I had him every weekend for visitation. The grandmother had to go into a mental institution at one point and my son was taken from her and almost put into foster care because she lied and said that me, the father was in Arizona. Does my son’s mother have the right to leave my son with that same grandparent now?


If there is an order granting your son’s mother custody, you can a file an order to show cause (OSC) to modify custody and/or visitation, asking the court for a different custody or visitation arrangement. You can also ask the court to issue an order preventing your son’s mother from leaving your son with his grandmother. An OSC can also be filed if there is an order granting your son’s grandmother custody. Again, you would be asking the court to modify the custody arrangement.

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