Last Monday in Los Angeles, Marc Anthony filed paperwork to divorce Jennifer Lopez. The papers claimed that they were divorcing due to irreconcilable differences.

In June 2004, Lopez and Anthony married. During their marriage, they became the proud parents of twins. They were married for seven years before publicly exclaiming to the media that they had decided to separate. They stated that they would remain friends, as well as business partners, and had every intention of putting their children first in their lives.

After seven months of separation, Anthony took the next step to start the divorce process. The paperwork did not reveal any new details into their failed marriage, and didn’t include the official separation date either. Anthony did request joint custody of their children.

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Former professional football player, Warren Sapp has recently sought bankruptcy protection after his liabilities began to outweigh his assets.

Sapp played in the NFL as a defensive tackle for 13 years. The 39-year-old listed his debts at $6.7 million, and his assets at $6.45 million. Among his debts are unpaid child support and alimony payments. Sapp was previously married, and during his marriage he had two children. He is also the father of two other children by two separate women.

According to bankruptcy documents, Sapp is behind in child support payments for these women, and also in alimony payments to his ex-wife. He filed the paperwork for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on March 30 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Dennis Rodman, who rose to fame with his career in the NBA, is headed back to court in May in order to determine his child support situation with his ex-wife.

Last November, the exaggerated basketball player was told he was in contempt of court for falling behind on his payments by $860,000. He could face up to 20 days in jail if he is found guilty of this charge. Rodman pays child support for three children, two of which are from his marriage to his former wife.

Rodman believes that he does not owe as much as his ex-wife is claiming, and plans to fight the charges against him. His lawyer claims that their documents will prove that Rodman is contributing to his payments as best as he can.

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Last Monday, Bethany Joy Galeotti announced on her online blog that her and her husband had decided to divorce.

The One Tree Hill actress married her husband, Michael, six years ago. Last February, Galeotti gave birth to the couple’s only daughter, Maria. In her official statement, Bethany claims that she will stay friends with her future ex-husband in light of their daughter.

She has expressed her gratuity to her friends and family for their support during this hardship. She commented that the couple’s daughter is their sole priority at this time.

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Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli have chosen to end their marriage, after 11 years together. They began dating in 1996, and wed in California in 2001.

The ‘90210’ actress has spoken out regarding her divorce, and said she believes they have made the right decision for themselves, as well as their daughters. The couple have three girls together, 14-year-old Luca, 9-year-old Lola, and 5-year-old Fiona.

This is the second divorce for Jennie Garth, as she was previously married to a musician in 1994. She filed for divorce from her first husband in 1996, the same year she met Facinelli on a movie set.  They have asked for their privacy while they focus on their family at this time.

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Learning About the Benefits of Mediated Divorce

Sometimes divorcing couples have trouble reaching an agreement on all the terms of their divorce. Even for couples undergoing a relatively amicable divorce, some form of mediation may be necessary to complete the process. A mediated divorce can provide exactly this – the experienced and objective mediation of a third party who can offer advice and legal assistance with divorce agreement negotiations.

Many couples that undergo mediated divorce emphasize its benefits, and if you are ready to finalize your divorce while also fully protecting your interests, mediated divorce may be the best option available. To learn more, contact the experienced Oceanside divorce attorneys of Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP today by calling 760-722-7646.

4 Benefits of Mediated Divorce

Everyone’s divorce situation is unique, but there are some broadly cited benefits to mediated divorce. Four of these benefits include:

  1. Avoiding a nasty court battle.
  2. Having unbiased representation for both parties
  3. Having any unfamiliar legal jargon explained
  4. Having a possibly smoother and faster divorce settlement

Mediated divorces are often much less contentious than contested divorces because of the presence of a certified mediator, and generally speaking, resolutions which are agreeable to both parties can be reached without much difficulty.

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If you and your spouse cannot agree on divorce terms and need the help of an objective third party, we can help. Contact the experienced Oceanside divorce lawyers of Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP today by calling 760-722-7646 to discuss your situation with a qualified member of our legal team and learn more about the mediated divorce process.

Examples of Joint Property

When you get married, you often acquire property that becomes jointly shared by you and your spouse. In the event of a divorce, this property can become a contested issue, leading to difficulty reaching a divorce agreement. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement regarding joint property during your divorce settlement, you may require the intervention of a legal representative who can support your needs and rights to property, increasing the chances of reaching a fair settlement more quickly.

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Several Examples

There is no exact definition of joint property. Thus, there are countless different types of properties which may become a joint property issue in a divorce. Some of the more common examples of joint property include:

  • Houses
  • Condos
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Land
  • Bank accounts
  • Businesses

Often, any property that you and your spouse acquire during your marriage can be classified as “joint property” and may become an ownership problem in divorce negotiations. While some couples are able to reach an agreement regarding joint property, many need the assistance of an experienced attorney who can represent their individual needs.

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After almost eight years of marriage, Dennis Quaid’s wife has decided to file for divorce from the actor. The paperwork claims that the couple no longer connected on a personal level, and had conflicting personality traits.

Quaid and his wife, Kimberly, have 4-year-old twin boys together. While the divorce proceedings develop, the couple will have equal custody of their children. Their sons were thrown into the public limelight right after their birth due to a medical error made at the hospital. The twins were accidentally injected with a high dose of a blood thinner medication, and almost didn’t survive.

Kimberly is seeking spousal support as well as a fair division of assets. According to reports, Dennis is hoping that she receives nothing. Neither party has made a public statement about the divorce.

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Anthony Zuiker, the creator of the hit television series, CSI, is in an on-going divorce battle with his ex-wife. Zuiker and his wife were married for 12 years before they chose to part ways. She filed the papers against him, citing irreconcilable differences.

His now ex-wife is seeking full custody of their three children, as well as monthly child support payments. She is looking for upwards of $400,000 per month in child support. She is now asking a judge for an additional payment of $3 million in order to build a $6 million California home for herself and her children.

Their case was expected to be heard by a judge yesterday. It is uncertain if Zuiker is looking for joint custody of their three children.

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Cigarette smokers do not have the upper hand in child custody cases. Courts across America are strongly factoring this habit into the outcome of custody cases involving minor children.

A court in Georgia reversed a child custody arrangement after they were presented evidence showing that the mother, a smoker, was the reason behind the young child developing asthma. The woman’s ex-husband took her to court to have the custody changed, because the woman was seen smoking around their daughter. The court sided with the ex-husband, and gave him sole custody of their child.

An advocacy group against tobacco use gathered data regarding the effects smoking has on the outcome of child custody cases, and found that more than 18 states have declared that smoking around children should be factored into the decision of a custody case. The data also shows that several custody cases have been altered based on tobacco use.

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