New site offers complete information to help individuals going through a variety of family law issues before they ever see an attorney, reports


(Oceanside, CA)–In the past, divorce lawyers had a relatively easy job, at least in the scope of the legal spectrum. It was considered an easy branch that almost anyone could handle. In fact, many people chose to procure their own divorces. Today, however, things are vastly different. In a sea of divided real estate, dissolved business partnerships and complicated custody battles, the family law attorney has become a specialist in many areas. For this reason, legal experts advise individuals to research divorce attorneys thoroughly before selecting one to handle their divorce, typically through referrals, website research and personal consultations.

With this in mind, Michael Fischer, spokesperson for Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, recently announced the launch of a new website offering legal services to families and individuals seeking a divorce. Says divorce lawyer Fischer, “When you hire a quality law firm, you are hiring a team of family law attorneys who have extensive experience with all types of cases, including divorce, child custody, legal separation, and mediation. You sincerely need a firm that has seen it all before, and are uniquely qualified to provide experienced, understanding, and sensitive representation. Through our newly launched site, individuals can research any area of family law they are interested in from divorce to adoption.”

While a complementary consultation can certainly answer many of the lingering questions a client might have before a final selection, most research begins with the information provided on the website. According to the Oceanside divorce attorney Fischer, the newly launched site is a comprehensive spot able to answer almost any family law concern. “While it’s true we see our fair share of visitors requesting information on military and California divorces, our site also has been updated to include valuable information about pre-nuptials, paternity and DNA testing, restraining orders, elder and geriatric abuse.”

The easy-to-use site also presents a comprehensive list of facts on a number of legal issues, making it easy for visitors to find the exact information needed, while also empowering the visitor to make the right decision concerning legal representation. Says Fischer, “We’re proud of our new site, as it allows potential clients to educate themselves before they ever walk into the office. Knowledge is power, and when you’re going through a family law issue, you want to feel more confident during an already uncertain time.”

About Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP:

Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, offer high-quality, personalized legal services to all of their clients. The staff of qualified and experienced family law attorneys in Oceanside, CA can help clients cope with and resolve family legal matters, despite the level of complexity presented in the situation.

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