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There are several reasons for adoption. You might be wanting to adopt a child privately or internationally to add to your family. Family members often adopt the children of relatives. They might find themselves in a situation where they are raising the child, so adoption makes perfect sense. Often, a step-parent is playing a significant role in the life of their step-children so they decide it is time to legalize the bond with a formal adoption. Regardless of the reason for the adoption, you want to enlist the help and guidance of an experienced Oceanside adoption lawyer. Fischer and Van Thiel, LLP, has extensive experience in adoptions. We love helping California families finalize adoptions and become the families they have envisioned.
If you are wondering if adoption is right for your family, or if you have already decided to adopt and you are ready to make it legal you can count on Fischer and Van Thiel’s experienced Oceanside, California adoption attorneys to help you through the process. We are experienced in helping clients every step of the way. We love helping families with the adoption process because we understand the importance of the process for all parties that are involved. Regardless of whether your adoption is simple or more complicated, you can rely on our adoption lawyer to help you get the process handled as smoothly as possible. Call our office today to learn how we can help you with your adoption. We will sit down with you, go over your questions, learn about how you have reached the point of wanting to adopt, and come up with an effective plan of approach for your adoption proceedings.

Is A California Adoption the Right Move for Your Family?

If you have thought about adopting but you aren’t sure if it is the right move for your family, you should call us to learn how it could impact your family and your relationships. While adoption doesn’t change the feelings within your heart, it can change a lot legally and make your relationship binding in the court. There are benefits to adoption, and our adoption attorneys will take the time to discuss the advantages of legalizing an adoption with you. We want to make sure your family unit is happy with the decision, so we strive to make sure you understand the details of adoption and how the process works. You can learn about the process with a single call to us today. At Fischer and Van Thiel, we strive to ease the stress and frustration that accompanies an adoption. We have the experience, skills, and know-how to help you with a smooth transition throughout the adoption process.

The Legal Significance of an Oceanside Adoption

Adoption is a legal process that makes a child legally a part of a family unit. The adoption process can be quite complicated, but it is basically two-fold. The first step is to terminate the biological parent’s parental rights and the second part is to establish the parent and child relationship with the adoptive parent or parents. The court is required to terminate the parental rights of the biological parents based on either the consent of those parents or based on certain statutory grounds. At that point, the court makes a determination as to whether or not the adoption would be done in the best interest of the minor who is being adopted by the proceedings. After an adoption has been finalized, the adoptive parents will have the same legal rights as the biological parents of a child. The adoptive child is also given the same rights and privileges as a child who was born to those specific parents.

How the Law Office of Fischer and Van Thiel Helps with the California Adoption Process

Our adoption attorneys are dedicated to helping birth mothers and adoptive parents through the legalities of the California adoption process. We can handle your private adoption needs, ensuring the process is handled professionally and that all the legal requirements have been properly met. You can depend on our adoption lawyer to serve the needs of the prospective adoptive parents who are focused on building their family, assist birth parents who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in a way that is life-affirming and loving, and help innocent children find homes that are both secure and loving.
Adoption is multi-faceted, so it can be an exciting, challenging, and even stressful experience for all parties involved. Our lawyers are committed to not only making the process successful and enriching for everyone who is involved, but we also focus on making sure the adoption process is completed in a timely manner while it is being done both professionally and compassionately. Adoption is an important decision that should not be taken lightly because so many parties are involved. Lives are changed during the adoption process. Our attorneys will help you through the process from start to finish so you will know that it has been well thought out and all the proper processes have been followed through. We offer confidential adoption services so your private adoption can remain as private as possible.

The Different Kinds of Adoption in Oceanside, CA

Not all adoptions are the same. In general, there are five different kinds of adoption. The factors surrounding the adoption, as well as its specific hurdles and requirements, make each kind of adoption different. Here are the basics about the different kinds of adoptions:
Step-parent adoption – Step-parent adoption is the most common kind of adoption. Often, the child being adopted has lived several years with the step-parent. Because that person has played such a major role in the child’s life, the step parent has already been acting in loco parentis, which means as a parent. Merely a legality, the formal adoption process really doesn’t change the situation as it has been at home.
Relative adoption – Often, a child is raised by a relative. That relative could be a grandparent, great-grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or sibling. To legalize the process, the family decides to complete the adoption of the child so that child is legally given the same rights as any biological child in that family.
State adoption – If a child is in state custody, he or she is placed in a foster home. Often, the foster parents decide to adopt the child. After a child has been in state custody and parental rights relinquished, the child can be placed for adoption.
Private adoption – During the process of a private adoption, a child is placed in a family either with or without an adoption agency but with the goal of being adopted.
International adoption – Usually, the child being adopted is in an orphanage in a foreign nation. Adopting a child internationally is usually a two-step process. There is usually an adoption of the child in the foreign country followed by an adoption of the child in the United States.
For any of these kinds of adoption, you need an experienced California adoption attorney. The lawyers at Fischer and Van Thiel are experienced in handling all the different legalities involved with the different kinds of adoptions.

The Legalities of Adoption in Oceanside, California

Adoption laws vary from state to state, so if you are either placing a child for adoption or adopting a child in California, you need to know the details about the process. There are many questions about the rights of the birthparents according to California law. There are two categories for birth fathers in the state. There are fathers who are presumed and fathers who are alleged. If a man is an alleged father, his parental rights are not as binding as those of a presumed father. A birth father who is only alleged doesn’t need to affirmatively approve or consent to the adoption of the child in order for the court to proceed with placement. His cooperation, however, is important and if possible, it should be requested.

In California, a birth mother cannot sign a legally binding consent to place a child for adoption until after the said child has been born. She is required to undergo counseling before any documents are signed for her to give consent for the adoption to proceed. There are different consent forms, and the one that she will sign varies depending on whether the adoption is being handled by an adoption agency or it is an independent adoption. \

In California, it is illegal to place a child for adoption when the payment of money is involved. It is not unlawful, however, to pay maternity-related expenses, such as medical bills or necessary living costs for the birth mother during the pregnancy and the post-birth period while she is recovering. Usually, prenatal support is limited to the last three months before the baby is born and the post-birth support is for the two to six weeks after a normal delivery or four to 11 weeks after a caesarean delivery. California law specifies maternity expenses as medical bills, maternity clothing, and assistance with housing, food, and transportation expenses.

The Costs Involved With a California Adoption

When a child is being adopted, the adoptive family must pay fees to the adoption agency and the state. Sometimes there may be fees that must be paid to an adoption service provider, which is a mandated counselor offering services to the birth mother. As previously mentioned, some adoptive families pay the birth mother’s expenses, such as her medical costs not covered by insurance, her basic living expenses, and her legal fees relating to the adoption. Of course, the adoptive family must pay fees for the adoption attorney that is helping them with the process. The offices of Fischer and Van Thiel have helped countless families with adoptions.

We provide all parties involved with an Oceanside adoption with the best legal and emotional support possible. We create life-long relationships through the adoption process. Our family takes pride and joy in helping build your family. When you count on us for your adoption needs, you know all the proper laws and procedures will be followed. We strive to make the process go as smoothly as it possibly can. With the experience and dedication required for a successful California adoption, can rest assured that your family’s future is in caring, competent hands when you call on us for your legal needs regarding the adoption process. Our adoption lawyers make sure California laws are followed so your adoption is legally binding and not at risk of violating any laws.

Experienced Oceanside Adoption Representation You Can Trust

Every year, there are tens of thousands of adoptions across the country. The process involves an adult or a couple of adults formally becoming the legal guardian or guardians of a child or children they are not the biological parents of. Adoptive parents take on the role of providing physical, material, and emotional care for their new dependents. In turn, these adopted children take on new rights and become the legal heirs and dependents of their new parents. Adopting a child is a serious move that requires much thought and consideration. The Oceanside adoption lawyers at Fischer & Van Thiel can provide the guidance and legal experience needed to help you through the adoption process.

You might be wondering if you are eligible to adopt a child. In the United States, you aren’t automatically given a general right to adopt. Any adoptive parents must be approved by the court and deemed as acceptable for raising the child or children. Adoptions cannot be done privately from one person to another without court intervention. There are many things that are considered by the court when determining if an adult should be allowed to adopt a child. Things that are considered include whether the adult is married or not, any mental or physical disabilities that the adult might have, whether or not the adult is employed, the criminal background of the adult wanting to adopt, and the adult’s social, moral, religious, and financial background. While not all these factors may play a role in your particular adoption proceedings, some of them most likely will. To learn whether or not you are eligible to adopt a child in California, call the Oceanside adoption lawyer at Fischer & Van Thiel at (760) 722-7646.