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Most of the time, child support can be calculated rather easily. The state has even provided an online calculator that will sum each parent’s financial obligation to the children. However, making these calculations can be trying, and enforcing your ex-spouse’s obligation may be difficult. In certain cases, the calculated child support amount may also need to be adjusted. For these reasons, you may wish to turn to an experienced child support lawyer to guide you through this process.

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How is child support calculated?

All Californian children are entitled to support from both parents, so in the case of a legal separation or divorce, the issue of child support will arise. The state of California has established a legal method of calculating child support. It takes into account the number of dependent children, each parent’s income, the set custody arrangements, taxes, and deductions.

All parties involved in child support situations must adhere to the state-set methodology of calculation, except under rare sets of extenuating circumstances. The computation may be adjusted if one parent has a net monthly, disposable income of under $1000. Sometimes, the court may alter the calculated amounts in order to account for children with special needs.

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Child support is a complicated matter that takes into account a number of different factors. The help of an experienced child support lawyer can prove invaluable when trying to figure out you and your ex-spouse’s obligations. Contact the Oceanside child support lawyers of Fischer & Van Thiel today at 760-722-7646 to speak with an attorney about your situation.